Monday, September 7, 2015

The Poetry of Laura West

The following poems are a selection from poetry I have written over several years. They could be viewed as the gleanings from a lifetime of spiritual searching. The mandalas accompanying the poems I created on a computer. Some of them are made of fractals. I do hope you enjoy these offerings. Laura West

A Wonder of Wonders

Blue Flame
A wonder of wonders
A time unspent
The echo of birds across the marsh
Someone opens a window
A lone dog barks
Sounds that punctuate space
Actually create it in the mind
The sun warms my face
Nothing to add
To a perfect day
How many perfect days fill this space,
One moment at a time?
Nothing to add
Nowhere to go
And most important
Nothing to do

End of Story

when the blackboard is washed
gone all equations
that described its existence

I Did the Dishes

I did the dishes
Instead of writing a poem
I almost lost it
The poem that is
And then I remembered
It was about the spirituality
Of little things
Howdy do!
It’s the how not the do
It’s the how do you do
A welcoming of little things
Enjoying the moment of doing
Even if the poem
Goes down the drain
With the dishwater
Because doing the dishes
Was the poem

Out of Time 

It was but a moment that thundered into Eternity
It was but an instant hurled out of Time
An instant of Self-knowing
An instant of the deepest Peace
An instant of complete stillness
You have touched it
In the moment before sleep
In the pause between thoughts
In the rush of profound joy
Or the hush of deepest shock

Winter Solstice Prayer

Like a frog buried in mud below the surface of a frozen pond,
Like the sweetness of slumbering sap, hidden in roots below frozen ground,
I remember the Way.
From this place of contraction
Of cold and dark
I remember to open and embrace that which surrounds me.
For in darkness is the seed of eternal light
And in light resides the seed of sacred darkness.
For every rise of in breath, a falling of out breath.
When in the contraction of pain, grief and fear
Let me remember to welcome them
And in the warmth of that welcome, a smile.
You are welcome here friend pain, friend grief, friend fear
Have I not known you a long long time?
And in the warmth of that welcome the friends relax.
And by this means they are free to go.
When in contraction like the cold frozen earth
I remember the patience
Of waiting for the pale winter sun to rise
During the longest night of the year.

Mandala images by Laura West; used with permission.


Laura West

  Laura West has spent her life taking care of people: first her family, then chronically ill and terminal patients and most recently, autistic kids. This has brought her life a fullness it never would have had without doing so. For this she is deeply grateful. If you would like to find more of her poetry or contact her, please visit http://www.laurawestintuitive.com/

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