Monday, April 4, 2016

The Sweetest Daughters of the Buddha

by Dita Sudarmawan 

Indonesian Volunteers with Ven. Karma Lekshe Tsomo at the 14th Sakyadhita International
Conference held inYogakarta, Indonesia during the summer of 2015.

Imagine that you are a young woman with a very limited view of yourself and your future. And then one day, you learn that an organization is having their international gathering in your hometown. They put a call out for volunteers, and you find yourself saying “yes” to their request for assistance. And that “yes” leads to a chance encounter that alters your view of the world and what you choose to do with your life.

Hardita “Dita” Libriasanti Sudarmawan was 23 years old when she agreed to volunteer at the 14th Sakyadhita International Conference held just outside of her hometown, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in June 2015 where she lives with her mother and brother. As the conference planning evolved, she found herself leading a culturally diverse group of dedicated volunteers in an uncharted adventure. Together, they created fond memories for all!

This is her story.

I spent half of my life feeling lost, living life day by day, unwilling to use any of my talents to the utmost, saying “It’s okay this way.” When they talked about reincarnation, it made me feel exhausted. What will the world be if human beings live here forever?

Conference Volunteers
I saw how good people die early. I heard about the worst people can possibly be. I knew the feeling of being misjudged unfairly. I lost my faith in humanity.

Then I met the Daughters of the Buddha, the sweetest daughters of all. Perhaps there is a thing called destiny. Our fates got tangled together by a simple call.

I guess this was the first time in my life that someone took a glance into my heart, saw straightthrough my eyes, and said, “You can be greater than you are.” And even though they did not need to, they pushed me to expand beyond my limits. They listened to my dreams, about what I want to do. And they loved me, I have to admit.

Through their example, they have shown me what the world can be, if people are willing to give only the best of what they can possibly be. They throw me back to where I truly am. They awaken the child in me who has slept so long, and make me believe the power that love has. I am ready to be strong.

This is the power owned by all daughters, to share love and hopes and dreams. We have the power to make the world better. Now I am part of them.

Dita Sudarmawan

In February 2015, Hardita graduated from Gadjah Mada University’s undergraduate program in Microbiology, one of Indonesia’s finest. Since volunteering at the Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women in June 2015, she has started her own business, a food truck that sells cake and microbiological products: frozen yoghurt, kombucha, and calpis (a lightly-flavored, fermented, milk-like drink, rich in calcium). Dita loves the arts, but says “I have no talent to make any.” Her Christmas wish? “for a Santa to give me a puppy.” Her dream is to travel around the world for free. With her language skills, her dream may yet come true!

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