Monday, March 13, 2017

15th Sakyadhita International Conference Workshop: Art and Meditation with Dharmacharini Anagarika Kiranada

I came to meditation and to Buddhism more than forty years ago, through art. The first time I sat with meditation instructions, I went into a deep, pristine place where “self” was gone, there was no separation, and I merged into that inner space. I knew I had been there before many times with my artwork. Years of research with meditation teachers, psychologists, and fellow artists followed and I began to find some explanation for what I experienced with this “losing self,” merging, and deepening in meditation. With some interactive art experiences (simple drawing and meditative writing), I plan to lead participants into this realm. Special talent or experience in art is not necessary.

The workshop will begin with a discussion of art and meditation, including my personal experiences and some of the research I have done in this area. We will do some meditation centering and quieting, followed by “meditation writing,” practices to “loosen our hands,” connect with line and the flow of a chosen mantra. Next, we will engage in some drawing activities that will help us explore the old Zen instruction on drawing:

First draw bamboo for ten years.
Then become bamboo.
Then forget all about bamboo
When you are drawing.

The workshop will conclude with suggestions for making art part of daily life, to continue to connect with these experiences, and deepen our practice.

Dharmacharini Anagarika Kiranada

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin
Dharmacharini Kiranada was ordained with the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2009 in Spain and took Anagarika Vows in 2016. She is an award-winning international artist, researcher and author specializing in the textiles of Japan where she lived more than eighteen years. Kiranada coordinates the Contemplative Arts at her center, Aryaloka Buddhist Retreat Center in Newmarket, New Hampshire, USA and teaches art and meditation workshops in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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Learn More About the 15th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women

The theme for the 2017 conference to be held at The University of Hong Kong is “Contemporary Buddhist Women: Contemplation, Cultural Exchange & Social Action.” This theme highlights the diversity of contemporary Buddhist women throughout the world.

For more information on the conference please visit the Sakyadhita International website and download a brochure.

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