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  1. I am a retired professor practicing Buddhism in Kerala. I had been to Odisha to present a paper in the international seminar on Buddhism and Dalits: A Visioin for Modern India in November. 2015. I met Bhante Suniti there who told me about the forthcoming internatiional conference of Buddhsit women at Indonesia .
    In order to enhance my understanding of Buddhism and women I would like to participate in the conference. I would like to know whether men like me are allowed to participate.
    \Kindly get back to me.

    Prof. M. Dasan, Po Chevayur, Calicut, Kerla. pin 673017, Inidia, cell:91 9447157268

    1. Dear Prof. Dasan,

      Thank you very much for your interest in the 14th Annual Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women. You are certainly welcome to attend the conference. We appreciate the interest of all, and invite both men and women.

      Here is a link for more information on the conference on our website.

      If you would like to submit an article for our blog please contact us at awakeningwomen@sakyadhita.org

      with Metta,

      Danie Becknell,
      Sakyadhita International Webmaster